lunes, agosto 19, 2019

Debuted first criptocurrency based on privacy protocol mimblewimble

This Thursday, January 3, was the launch of the main network of Beam, the first criptocurrency focused on privacy implemented with MimbleWimble protocol. This is the first of two projects based on this protocol, which are expected for the first month of 2019. The Israeli startup Beam officially announced the start of operations of...

Criptocurrency: From the initial euphoria to a terrible headache

Investors suffer from the collapse of the value of the Bitcoin and other virtual currencies; Some defenders of this industry insist that it did not fail and that the decline is a necessary step to move "from the Fury to the product". Last year, at this time, a toy called Cryptokitty was sold...

How to invest in real estate through the cryptocurrency?

This form of investment is incipient in the country, but the first thing is to verify that the platform issues certificates of real estate participation. MEXICO City.-Technological innovation opens the door to new forms of investment. Blockchain has allowed the proliferation of criptomonedas, such as the bitcoin; But to enter this world, it is...

Cryptocurrency who resisted mining with ASIC in 2018

Cryptocurrency mining is, without a doubt, a fundamental area in the functioning of the cryptoactive ecosystem, such as Bitcoin. It is the process of decentralized consensus through which the validity of transactions is determined and security is provided to the network, in addition to allowing the creation of new Cryptomonedas. However, it is a highly competitive activity,...

What Is Digital Currency-How Does It Really Work

This sort of currency is thought to excel to use for making purchases on the internet since if it functions the method it was indicated to, deals should be rather anonymous and untraceable back to the payer or customer. That is electronic money? It is defined as: cash kept and also transferred in electronic type. Sounds basic enough, yet just...

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